Asset Purchase Agreement Form

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The buyer must verify and accept or refuse the products delivered in accordance with the order immediately after the preservation of these products. In the event that the products do not comply with the current seller`s designs or specifications, the buyer must notify the seller of such non-compliance and give the seller an appropriate opportunity to correct such non-compliance. It is presumed that the buyer accepted the products provided below and waived such non-compliance if the seller is not informed within fifteen (15) days after the purchaser has retained these products that the products provided there do not meet the seller`s designs or specifications. Unless otherwise agreed, the buyer is not allowed to carry out inspections with the seller. In the event that the parties mutually agree that the buyer can consult the seller`s product in the seller`s facility, such an inspection is carried out by the buyer with appropriate prior notification and at reasonable times on a non-interactive basis, and this inspection does not include the right to set up mandatory checkpoints or to enter proprietary or competitive areas of the seller`s facility. The parties may wish to include a duty to negotiate in good faith, and some states automatically impose it. A lawyer may discuss the benefits of a good faith provision, for example to prevent one party from using the duty of care only to obtain information about the other party. Consider discussing with a lawyer the importance of confidentiality and how to ensure that this provision is binding on the parties. In addition, a lawyer can provide advice and advice on how best to protect sensitive business secrets and other information until the sale is certain that the buyer will sign the sales contract. (e) obtaining administrative approvals (none is expected on the basis of the information available) and third-party agreement (which must be determined on terms satisfactory to the buyer after checking the seller`s customer and supplier contracts); A lawyer may inform the buyer of additional or alternative ancillary agreements that may apply specifically depending on the type of business acquired. For example, new agreements with customers may be necessary.

(f) any person of [NAME OF KEY EMPLOYEES] who grants employment contracts with the buyer on terms agreed with the buyer; The buyer must pay the seller the sum of [number of dollars” as the purchase price of the above. The total purchase price must be paid in cash at closing. (a) Subject to compliance with the terms described in this letter, the purchaser, at the close of the transaction (the “financial statements”), acquired essentially all the assets (the “acquired assets”) of the business, free and free of charge, and the purchaser would assume only certain debts (the “liabilities taken” at the purchase price mentioned in Section 1, point b). Acquired assets do not include the seller`s cash funds and cash equivalents, including current accounts, bank accounts, certificates of deposit, term deposits, investment funds or seller`s receivables, unless this is on working capital (“excluded assets”). All other debts related to the transaction would be withheld by the seller (excluding “excluded debts”).] This letter requires a separate and binding confidentiality agreement. A lawyer can help develop the conditions to ensure that a party`s interests are protected. For example, the seller may require the buyer to keep all information obtained during the investigation confidential and the buyer wishes the seller would not disclose that negotiations are ongoing.

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