Kandy Agreement Burma

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While U Nu was buying precious time by negotiating gently with the Karen so as not to rebel in a month or two with General Ne Win, Major Aung Gyi and I, I recruited 10,000 armed taxes. But English would not sell us weapons and the Americans refused to sell because of the defence agreement between England and Burma. The communist countries would not sell us weapons either, because we are at war with the Burmese communists. Historic meeting of the Nay Thurein Fair On 10 and 11 August 1945, a meeting was held at Bogyoke Aung Sans, Tower Lane, with the participation of Tatmadaw heads of state and commanders, at which important decisions concerning Myanma Tatmadaw were approved. On 12 August 1945, a declaration was made in which Bogyoke Aung San, through political action, set out directions on the path to independence. On 16, 17 and 18 August 1945 the fourth General Assembly of Heads of State and Government was held, attended by the leaders of all political parties such as Bogyoke Aung San, Bo Let Ya, Bo Ze Ya, Thakin Than Tun, Thakin Ba Hein, Thakin Mya Thwin and others. Bogyoke Aung San said that the fascist of this world must be totally annihilated and that the nation of Myanmar must be rebuilt as the people`s wish. The Assembly`s decisions were adopted at the mass assembly on August 19, 1945 at Nay Turein Hall, on the shores of Kandawgyi Lake, Bahan Township. Historic speech of Bogyoke Aung San At the Nay Thurein Fair, Bogyoke Aung San gave a historic speech in which he said that our Tatmadaw was very worried with deep concern at a time when we had to go to war, the possibility of being killed with the enemy`s bullet; doubts about whether or not they can regain independence; those of our plan to go to war; The responsibility of leaders who would remain in the service of the country; possible remorse and regret for all of us if we could not successfully implement what we had promised the people of this country. Many agreements were signed immediately after the historic meeting of the Nay Thurein Trade Show, such as the Kandy Agreement, signed on 7 September 1945 in Kandy, Sri Lanka; the Aung San Atlee Agreement, signed in London on 27 January 1947; Panglong Agreement signed by the leaders of several nationalities (23) on 12 February 1947, including Bogyoke Aung San; Nu – Atlee Agreement was signed on October 17, 1947 in London. As a result of these agreements, the granting of an independence bill was passed by the British Parliament and Myanmar subsequently regained its independence on Sunday, 4 January 1948.

Key points of the struggle for independence Despite the return of Myanmar`s independence, the nation inherited the bad legacy of distrust and mistrust among nationalities because of the policy of division and domination by the colonialists that deterred the development of the nation, which led to civil war and gun conflicts for many decades. Upon learning the most important lesson of the struggle for independence, we realized that the value of strength was the result of solidarity and unity. The sustainability of independence for eternity remains on the harmony and union of the national brothers. It is precisely in the effort and implementation of national reconciliation and the peace process that it is necessary that all nationalities of freedom, justice, equality and self-determination be integrated into the foundation of the building of the democratic nation that is being born. Depending on the outcome of the political discussions, we are building a Federal Democratic Union and we need an appropriate and appropriate constitution. It is therefore necessary for all nationalities to live in harmony for eternity in the Union; End all armed conflicts while they reap eternal peace; respect for human rights, combined with the same rights and benefits of all nationalities.

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