Upu Postal Agreement

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On Wednesday, Navarro said the agreement would “transform an outdated and discriminatory system into a modern and resilient system, much better prepared to meet the new demands of e-commerce.” If China is able to explain itself, Gooding does not expect fireworks. A “tit for tat” scenario, as can be seen in the current trade war between the United States and China, is unlikely, he said, because as a mail exporter, China has little to gain from the increase in international postal tariffs. Such increases will have an impact on the growing number of companies that supply lightweight items such as clothing directly to consumers in the U.S., but it`s unlikely that larger paradigm shifts will occur, Gooding said. Yes, a postal company like Deutsche Post has the option of registering in another country and sending parcels from the United States to other countries, as if they were from Germany, which will allow Deutsche Post to access UPU rates. There are now a number of postal companies involved in this practice, and while ETOE is blocked in some countries and ETOE freight is not expected to arrive in other countries, we can see how, for some smart people, it would not take much to know how to beat the system. By remaining in the UPU, the United States retains a leading role in the global postal system. The adoption of Option V allows the United States to increase the price of parcels arriving from other countries in exchange for a contribution to the EU Voluntary Contribution Fund. The United States has obtained permission to set its own Inbound postal costs and remains within the UPU. Navarro called the result a victory for “a new brand of Trumpist diplomacy,” affirming the principle that international organizations such as post-Union must “respect the rights of the United States and serve their members, instead of being used as piggy banks for countries with bad actors who try to bend their rules.” Companies like eBay have criticized the current system as unfair, but have warned that a U.S. withdrawal could have disastrous consequences, especially before the holiday season. The company had asked the United States to reach some kind of agreement and said on Wednesday that it supported the result. What do experienced sellers do to avoid these high fees? They transport freight through resellers of the Extra-Territorial Exchange Office (ETOE). While this may seem like an exciting sequel to a 1980s alien film, it`s just a big phrase and an acronym for a postal company that`s building its store in another country.

Under the agreement, the United States will also provide $40 million over five years to the Postal Union. The funding will help the postal union promote the use of computerized systems that provide security against shipping drugs such as fentanyl and other dangerous products, said David Dadge, a spokesman for the union. The threat of a change to the Universal Postal Union Treaty has sparked waves in the e-commerce sector around the world. Changes in international postal fares could affect airlines such as FedEx and DHL. Online merchants and consumers will also notice the changes from July 2020. The Treaty of Bern of 1874 unified an international labyrinth of postal services and regulations into a single postal zone for the exchange of reciprocal mail. The barriers and borders that had impeded the free movement and growth of the international post office were eventually removed. More history” Why is it important? Without the UPU, postal operators would have to negotiate separate bilateral agreements with any other operator with whom they wished to exchange international mail.

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