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View the customer agreement and see if the address matches the format. This service also allows UPS and Fedex to deliver to PO boxes imadressed on the streets. The previous poster is correct, which customers can log in to get UPS/FedEx deliveries to mailboxes, but if they did, the right format would be just an address line, with the mail address and box number. 996 free po-boxes in two retail units to customers with invalid road addresses; Digital e-mail processing services are described separately and complement this agreement. Some merchants do not allow mailing to a postal address. With the Street Addressing option, customers can receive parcels and deliveries from private carriers that need an address for delivery, z.B. UPS and FedEx. Effective January 17, 2016, The United States Postal Service`s Postal Service™ mailing standards, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) Section 508.4.5.4 will be reviewed to clarify weight and maximum size standards for private carrier packages addressed to customers of the competitive mailbox ™ who are entitled to obtain such packages at their mailbox address. The post office offers customers who do not receive mail delivery a free postal service. Customers request free postal service by filling out an application and providing identification to a postal employee. Retail employees determine customer authorization and enter data from the Web Box Activity Tracking System (WebBATS), a web application that allows retailers to manage po box inventory.

I have been a street addressing customer since the first day it became available for registration (in 2012). Whether it`s USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, OnTrac, etc., my post office accepts the package that is addressed to its address – my box number in the form of “Unit [number]” or the sign – the number, then the book to my box, or put it in a locker if available, or they put that yellow word in my box. Our goal was to determine whether internal po-box controls were effective at no cost to ensure that only legitimate customers receive the service. When I receive an order from Amazon that displays both a delivery address and part of the mailbox, I print the shipping label that displays both, and I let USPS know where the package is to be delivered. I never had one of these customers tell them that they never received the package. The owner of a digital courier is responsible for all service charges accumulated beyond the current planning agreement. My question is, what is Amazon`s policy in this area? Should we contact the customer? Cancel the order? This is only a $25 order, so any risk of fraud/non-delivery is quite low.

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