Farm & Land Management

Medora, IL

We strive to be a leading farm and land management company in the Midwest. Our experience in the industry separates LRS from our competition. The benefits of utilizing LRS farm and land systems include:

  • Better soil aeration resulting from good drainage.
  • Less chance of destroying soil tilth from working soil too wet.
  • Longer growing season due to early planting.
  • An increased supply of Nitrogen can be obtained from a lower water table.
  • Creates conditions that discourage growth of certain diseases and toxins.
  • Deeper root development; roots usually penetrate within 15 inches of the water table.
  • Increased crop yields and improved crop quality result from favorable soil moisture conditions.
  • Allows total field farming.
  • Increased value of farm ground; farm ground that is tiled will hold its value!

We value a reputation of honesty and integrity in our business relationships. Preserving the land itself and a family farming enterprise is fundamental to our mission.