We operate a large fleet of late-model equipment. Our farm drainage equipment includes:

  • 2x large combines equipped with GPS technology (two 12 row) 30 ft. 12/23 bean planter, with no-till capability
  • 2x 60ft. 24 row planter, no-till capability with GPS Auto-swath control Rogator sprayer.
  • 6x large 4-wheel-drive tractor and supporting equipment
  • 3x semi-tractor trailers

New Technology

  • We have one tractor equipped with Autopilot RTK GPS, with less than 1 inch accuracy.
  •  We have another tractor with Autopilot OmniStar, with 2-3 inch accuracy.
  •   3 GPS light bar with Auto Steer
  •   2 GPS Light bars for assisted steering (Reduces skips and overlaps)
  •   We operate our own commercial self-propelled tile plow and laser equipment
  •   We are able to install cutting edge tile drainage systems.
  •   Have tiled over 2500 acres since 1999 plus various waterway
  •   Installations and backhoe work.
  •   We own our own dozer for light work and brush removal.
  •   We have a dirt scrapper for waterway and terrace work.
  •   We own our own excavator for use in our field tiling, cleanup, and demolition.