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Agreement between the European Community and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan regarding the readmission of persons in irregular residence, THE CONTRACTING PARTS, the EUROPEAN COMMUNITY, and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, referred to as “Pakistan”, as “part” and collectively referred to as “contracting parties”, IN THE aim of strengthening their cooperation in the effective fight against illegal immigration. Beg. establish, with the help of this agreement and on the basis of reciprocity, prompt and effective procedures for the safe and orderly identification and return of persons who do not meet or no longer meet the conditions of entry, presence or residence on the territory of Pakistan or one of the Member States of the European Union, and facilitate the transit of these persons in a spirit of cooperation. CONSIDERING that this agreement does not affect the rights, obligations and responsibilities of EU member states and Pakistan under international law; Considering that the provisions of Title IV of the Treaty establishing the European Community and all acts adopted on the basis of this title do not apply to the Kingdom of Denmark, “HAVE AGREED AS FOLLOWS “Member State” refers to each Member State of the European Union, with the exception of the Kingdom of Denmark; (b) “a national of a Member State” who has the nationality of Pakistan; Pakistan or one of the Member States; (e) “stateless person”: anyone who does not have nationality; (f) “residence permit,” an authorization issued by Pakistan or one of the Member States allowing a person to stay in the territory of the issuing state; (g) “visa”, an authorisation issued by Pakistan or one of the Member States to enter the territory of the Issuing State, a decision made by Pakistan or one of the Member States that is necessary to enter or pass through their territory.

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