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While most of the information disclosed is not classified, there are provisions for the exchange of classified information, such as sensitive satellite data and sensor data, with security precautions to prevent it from being transmitted to third parties. Since India had not signed the agreement before, the Indian army had purchased U.S. platforms without U.S. communications equipment, such as the C-130 Hercules special aircraft and the Globemaster C-17`s strategic relievers. BECA provides high-end equipment, intelligence and real-time information that enables India to store U.S. geostrategic information to reach hostile targets with precise accuracy. The United States has signed three major military agreements with India. These agreements are generally signed by the United States with its defense allies for more fluid military cooperation. The list of agreements is shown below. Most of the information exchanged is not classified and transmitted in digital or print form. The BECA agreement also includes the provision of classified information with appropriate safeguards to ensure that it is not disclosed to third parties. These agreements covered areas such as security and military information, compatibility, security and logistics exchanges, and communications.

BECA`s goal is to improve space cooperation between India and the United States. In late 2014, New Delhi had asked the Pentagon for a “non-paper” on basic agreements, but things only accelerated after the visit to the United States by Manohar Parrikar, then Defense Minister, in December 2015. Here are several military exercises from India and the United States. One of the great benefactors of this agreement is the navy, because it needs to be reloaded more often than the air force and the army. After the fall of power by the BJP government led by Narendra Modi, the first of three agreements, the Memorandum of Understanding on logistics exchange (LEMOA), was signed in 2016. This was followed by the Communication and Security Compatibility Agreement (COMCASA), signed in 2018. Under the BECA agreement, U.S. forces will provide advanced navigational and avionics assistance and share geographic data with India, which will help increase the accuracy of the Indian military`s automated hardware systems and weapons, such as drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. The Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) for Geographic Cooperation is primarily a proposed communication agreement between the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency of the U.S.

Department of Defense and the Department of Defense of the Union.

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