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Competition bans are common with employers across the country. In the United States, about 20% of workers are currently subject to non-competition bans, including 14% of those earning less than $40,000 a year. Despite the fact that California does not impose a non-compete clause, many employers try to include them in employment contracts anyway, without too much pulling force. While some employers try to argue that exturing circumstances justify the imposition of competition in California, these arguments are regularly rejected by California courts. As a result, some employers are trying to circumvent California law by announcing that the agreement is subject to legislation in a state where non-competition prohibitions are routinely enforced. However, for agreements reached after January 1, 2017, California Labor Code 925 states that an employer must not require an employee (who is not represented by a lawyer) to work and reside primarily in California, accepting a provision requiring the employee to settle disputes that arise in California in a forum outside of California or under a non-California right. Without further studies, it is impossible to determine whether these competition bans do more harm than good in the context of a market economy. However, there is evidence that these clauses reduce worker mobility and require workers to stay longer with employers than they would normally be. In other words, non-competition prohibitions are unenforceable in California. This does not mean that a worker is not wrongly presented with you or that he must sign one as a condition of his employment. Employers may attempt to say that there are mitigating circumstances for them to enforce a non-compete agreement, but these arguments are generally rejected by California courts. This exception would not apply, is only if an employer granted participation in the ownership of a worker to circumvent the prohibition of competition in California. To ensure that these exceptions are not used in bad faith, the courts review agreements between LLC members and non-competitive trading partners.

In Oklahoma and North Dakota, for example, you cannot impose any non-competition clause. Non-competitions were banned as early as 2015 for Hawaii`s technology companies, and Utah changed its laws in 2016, limiting non-competition bans to just one year. In California, on the other hand, non-competition prohibitions are not recognized at all, and if an employer binds a worker to an employee at the end of his or her employment, he or she may even be sued. Appeal courts in California have ruled that family judges have the option of ordering non-compete prohibitions if they are necessary to properly allocate marital property in a divorce. In one case, for example, a judge assigned the husband a business owned by a man and a woman. The judge also ordered the woman not to compete with the cases for a period of five years. The non-competition clause was motivated by the fact that the woman attempted to harm the business during the dissolution of the business.

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